Sober And Nerdy


I know I don’t fit traditional standards of handsome, hot, or sexy. The only stares I get are for being 6’7”, big, fat, covered in tattoos, and totally different than everyone else. All this because society says we have to look like guys in magazines or movies. Yes, I’m on the opposite side of perfect but, take the time to know me rather than point fingers and stare. Once you really know me you’d never see any of my glaring flaws. So if you don’t like looking at me or my blog, just fuck off.


I’m at that awkward age where half my friends are engaged or having babies, and the other half are too drunk to find their phones.

Hatebreed - You're Never Alone
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Hatebreed - You’re Never Alone

this is for the kids who have no where to turn
who have nothing to live for
you think you haven’t the will to persist
you have to search within yourself

you must be honest with yourself
use your pain to achieve your goals
make amends while you can and stay focused
you can’t be burdened by your lack of control
never stray from the path you have chosen

forever convicted

Why I Love League of legends But Hate Playing It

the feels are real

ima go listen to harms way and punch everything